Product ID A3613
Type Natural solid opal (Type 1)
Variety Crystal opal
Opal weight 1.1 ct
Body tone n.a.
Transparency Transparent to opaque
Play-of-colour Red-multicolour
Brightness 4.5
Pattern Flashfire
Shape Freeform
Face Low to medium dome
Opal size 10.0 x 7.4 x 2.4 mm
Origin Coober Pedy (Australia)
Note The stone has a big white inclusion on its hollowed backside that is visible through the face. Check the pictures.

Price: CHF 109.90
Reduced Price: CHF 98.91
Plus CHF 9.90 worldwide shipping & insurance flat rate per shipment.
For Swiss and Liechtenstein customers plus 7.7% Swiss VAT.

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