Product ID A0006
Type Natural solid opal (Type 1)
Variety Black crystal opal
Opal weight 9.3 ct
Body tone N3 - N4
Transparency Transparent (crystal)
Play-of-colour Red-multicolour
Brightness 5
Pattern Flagstone harlequin
Shape Triangular
Face Baroque
Opal size 18.0 x 15.9 x 7.0 mm
Origin Lightning Ridge (Australia)
Note ABSOLUTE TOP-QUALITY OPAL!!! This is also a gorgeous NIGHT STONE which appears equally bright under low light and daylight conditions as under spot light or sunlight. Particularly suitable for wearing under normal daylight. This GEM is a HIGH-END STONE and is completely JAM-PACKED with the most beautiful and sought-after fiery-red play-of-colour. WOW!!!


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