Product ID A4354
Type Natural solid opal (Type 1)
Variety Welo opal pendant
Opal weight 4.0 ct
Body tone n.a.
Transparency n.a.
Play-of-colour Red-multicolour
Brightness 4.5
Pattern Flashfire
Shape Oval
Face Medium dome
Opal size 16.9 x 10.6 x 4.5 mm
Origin Welo province (Ethiopia)
Note GEM-QUALITY OPAL! Solid 925 sterling silver pendant. Welo opals come from the Welo province (also spelled Wollo or Wolo) in Ethiopia. Most Welo opals are hydrophane opals with a porous microstructure. Usually when immersed in water they soak up about 10 percent by weight of water and turn more transparent while the play-of-colour becomes weaker. When removed from water and allowed to dry it takes about 1 to 6 weeks until they regain their dry appearance. Do not force drying. During drying most stones steadily return less transparent while some other stones first turn less transparent (white) and later become more transparent again. Therefore we recommend to avoid contact with water and other substances like cosmetics, soap and detergents etc. The provided description and pictures apply to the stone dried in the open air.


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